Don't Yuck My Yum... Thoughts on Printed Leggings.

LuLaRoe Leggings patterned leggings

This post was a hit on the 2SoulfulChicks blog...thinking it's worthy of a share in case you missed it:  


It’s what you’ll hear at my house when my kids turn their nose up towards my strange meal combinations (I’m a big kimchi and siracha fan).  What is perfectly delightful to me clearly is not received the same with my children.  Still, “don’t yuck my yum”!

Allison and I are privy to closed boutique owner groups where it’s safe for them to vent about current style trends or the unruly customer.  Lately, however, there has been a grand ongoing gripe about LuLaRoe leggings or any boldy printed legging for that matter.  It seems they are everywhere and on everyone.  Bright graphic patterns, wild pizza slices, unicorns and peacocks enveloping long and short legs alike.  While it is not my style personally and likewise you won’t see them offered at Soulshine, here’s why you won’t see us complaining:

  • I won’t yuck your yum…if you are bravely going out and about wearing pizza slices, good for you…if it makes you feel comfortable (they do indeed feel like butter), increases your confidence and makes you smile, that’s ultimately the end game for any boutique. Go on with your bad self!  What we will offer, however, is a flattering and neutral top to balance the pattern. Busy bottoms require a quiet top.  Tight bottoms require a long and loose top.  We’ll take care of that for you!
  • LulaRoe reps are gals just like us, that want to spread joy, meet other ladies, and build a better life for our families. We are kindred spirits selling different items. We can’t knock that.  There are enough ladies in this world that need to feel loved, the task is mighty vast and we’ll need quite the variety of apparel and attention.

So continue on, you wildly patterned legging trend.  No yucking of your yum.  Pizza slices all around…I’ll take mine at home with siracha.


Hoping this post left you feeling inspired and kind...comment with your favorite way to wear your patterned leggings! 


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