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How to Be Less Anxious

January 22, 2020

How to Be Less Anxious

There it is, the spiraling thought process that creates an anxious heart. My mental to-do and where to start often increase to a paralyzing place. For daughter,  fears of an unknown future echo and increase within. Whatever the origin, these are the top tricks I use to chip away at anxious thoughts:


  • Brain dump: Every Sunday evening, I empty my brain of all the to-dos that will inevitably bounce and echo until they are on paper, and even still. Let it all out…through the ink, onto the paper and out of the brain.  On paper they no longer bounce (or at least there are a few less listings echoing within).  The listing also helps me to organize importance and reduces the worry of forgetfulness. It’s out, I see it, now I organize...not every single thing carries the same importance.  So, what’s critical, then next and next again.


  • Talk it out: Thoughts make things bigger and words magically resize.  Speak it out with a trusted friend or counselor.  Let it out, take the pressure off… gain a new perspective. Some of my most fearful sessions with friends have proved to be the most illuminating and the greatest bonding.  Pick a human and let it out.


  • Pray over it: When it says ‘Be anxious for nothing’ it doesn’t mean everything but this.  It nothing, absolutely nothing.  Connect with the Big Guy and see what His thoughts are on the topic. Then walk it out… we’ve been given Peace that surpasses all understanding, but we leave it in the Pantry like it’s that weird ingredient we bought on a whim. Use it.  Access it. Add it in.  Activate it. 


Sending love to you, my friend, until it passes and then some. 




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