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How to Break a Funk

January 22, 2020

How to Break a Funk

I have bad days…sometimes a no-good-terrible run of several days. Funk sneaks in unwelcome and quickly compounds, building incrementally until it’s all-consuming, heavy, opposing and thick. The minute I realize the funk is upon me, I’m already knee deep and when funk settles in, it brings along it’s annoying friend ‘Idontwanna’. You should walk… ‘Idontwanna’.  You should call a friend…’Idontwanna’.  Get up and get moving…’Idontwanna’.  She wines that you deserve this break, that you aren’t qualified, authorized, or equipped to do a single thing. But no. It’s not the truth. It’s a big, fat unadulterated lie to keep you hidden, to keep you frozen from shining that precious light.


So breaking the funk is crucial and here’s how I do it. 

I do the thing. 

Deep inside, yet right beneath the surface are the answers we need to move us in the right direction, we simply need to listen and obey.  My answers tell me to write and move…both are big ‘Idontwannas’. But using Mel Robbins 5-4-3-2-1 countdown, I jump right into it without delay.  No time to waste, no additional compounding funk to accumulate. Jump, move, do. 

The world can’t wait another second for you to settle into that couch and scroll (I’m lecturing myself here), it needs good words, love, and light, and impact…heck, sometimes it just needs a hug and a good listen.  So break the funk in the way that works for you, that speaks to your soul.

Here are a few potential funk-breakers to get your ideas flowing, but listen to that still voice, it knows best:


  • Take a bath
  • Write out your pain
  • Run
  • Listen to worship music
  • Tell a friend
  • Pet your dog (or someone else’s dog)
  • Serve someone else
  • Soak in the sun
  • Get into Nature
  • Get your bare feet into grass
  • Paint
  • Read your Bible


Sending love to encourage your rise out of and beyond the funk.  We need ya. 

xo Lisa

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