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Our First Sabbath

January 29, 2020

Our First Sabbath

Just finishing The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Comer and found myself immediately heart struck by the chapter on Sabbath.  He compared it to those yummy Christmas morning moments when all the presents are unwrapped, the first cup of warm tea (or coffee) has settled and you have the linger time to enjoy another.  Christmas mornings at our house always include naps, reading, yummy food, soft music, cozy clothes and slippers.  Why should only one day each year be acceptable for lingering?


My sweet hubby agreed to a half day trial (mostly because there was a football game scheduled).  I’ll take it.  With excited anticipation, I planned the marvelous things I would do (or not do) on my one free day.  Growing giddy with the ideas of guilt-free naps, task free afternoons, reading long dusty books, the build up was just as fun as the actual Sabbath day. 


Saturday came, one more sleep! We awoke and headed to church. Pretty typical Sunday morning followed by lunch at Browns – nothing different yet. Since this was a day to celebrate, I grabbed a delicious and calorie free quarter sheet cake to share (clearly all the calories were in the other ¾ since it was Sabbath).  Guilt free cake tastes mighty fine.

Once home, changing into sweats and slippers, I melted into my comfy chair with a fuzzy blanket surrounded by many long overdue magazines.  Tim got comfy, too and programmed a line up of soft and dreamy tunes. We both resisted the temptation to scroll Facebook, I painted my nails, and we napped.  It was glorious. 


Great conversation was had and souls were refilled.  The laundry waited for Monday, phones stayed still, and yummy drinks were sipped.  Sabbath Number One was top notch excellent – even if Tim switched to the football game at noon.  Side note:  He agreed to a full day the following Sunday. 


Every ounce of me was refreshed and ready for the following week.  Excitement built for the next Sabbath…what fun things can we enjoy this time around?  Perhaps I’ll write letters to loved ones, take Charlie for a long walk, pour thru cookbooks, nap some more, watch a movie, play a game, draw, paint, doodle, challenge the boys to a push up contest, thumb wrestle, soak in the sun like Charlie does, journal, write a poem, draw a gratitude bomb…. The possibilities are endless. 


My consensus:  Sabbath rocks and it’s welcome here anytime. 


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