Women's Crew Socks by Woven Pear

$ 8.00 $ 15.00

I searched long and haerd for a pair of funky socks that were soft, smile-worthy, well made and carried the Soulshine-required positive vibe... Woven Pear was the big winner!  These crew socks are for fun-loving, silly, sassy kinda ladies!  


A lil blurb from Woven Pear:  In February 2015 we saw a need for a women's sock brand and figured we should get our foot in the door. Seriously, our socks are the best and are made of extremely high quality combed cotton. Each pear is dyed and dipped by hand to ensure a unique pop of color. We're here to make a difference and to create a brand that will empower women to stand up and put their best foot forward. 

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