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Milky Mask...

Most masks on the market are clay, which draw, take-away and pull from the skin.

Kossma's Milky mask does the opposite! Designed this mask to give and nourish the skin with conditioning and soothing goats milk and colostrum along with beautifying botanical actives. 

Clay-free mask: organic goats milk powder, colostrum powder, pine pollen, pearl powder, purified shilijit resin powder, cocoa powder, alma fruit powder. 

2 oz | add a teaspoon of milky mask along with water, hydrosol, tea, herbal infusion, honey or yogurt (have fun, options are endless) to create a paste. Apply to skin and allow to dry before removing. You may apply several layers of this mask as it's goes on very light, unlike thick and pasty clay mask application. 

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