Only the Best Things

January 06, 2021

Only the Best Things

Welcome 2021. 

Twenty-Twenty inspired a great purge for the Weigard’s.  In the first weeks of quarantine, long over stuffed boxes were upended and sorted, the old and unused were plucked away.  Closets were refined,  narrowing down what was well-loved and what was unnecessary.  Soon, donation piles exceeded the size of what remained.

Later, we decided to sell our house and downsize requiring an even greater purge.  Four place settings down to two, three sets of grass cutting shoes discarded, the lawn mower sold. No room for extra stuff, the excess had to go.  What remains are the best loved, the joy-inspiring, the very best things. Too many things held for far too long, once gone left me feeling lighter, inspired. 

Maybe, just maybe twenty-twenty was a great purge for us all.  Plucking away what’s unnecessary, drawing us closer to what’s most dear.  Bringing awareness of our excesses and inspiring us to instead focus on the best things. 

The plucking away becomes contagious…what else can I unburden? What corners have gone unchecked?  What old ways are no longer serving me? Even more important, how to I keep it from becoming over-stuffed once again?  I don’t want to return to the cluttered, busy, striving lifestyle.  I desire freedom, I desire ease, I require surrender.  I desire to remain in this drilled down, only the best things kinda living. 

It pours over into my shop… what excesses have lingered too long?  What has to go?  What can I double down on instead?  How can I create a space that inspires peace and not discord? Look for a major purge to occur at the shop soon, a whittling away at the extras and freshly inspired installment of only the best things.  It feels so liberating at home…I can’t wait to see how it translates at the shop! 

With that, I welcome 2021.  I welcome fresh perspectives, I welcome only the best things. 

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