Coffee Bean Eye Cream

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Coffee Bean Eye Cream

Wake up and de-puff, boost circulation, and brighten dark circles with caffeine from organic coffee and skin rejuvenating tepezcohuite. Bigwoods Organics is a small, family run organic farm in New Hampshire that has created this Coffee Bean Eye Cream.  This eye cream will promote a more youthful eye area with anti-aging vitamins found in grass fed tallow and high vitamin C found in rosehips grown on the farm.

The ageless Mexican Hollywood actress Salma Hayek said in a 2015 Elle interview that she does not use procedures such as botox or peeling. She shared her skin care secret: tepezcohuite aka the “skin tree” found in southern Mexico.

Tepezcohuite is a powerful collagen stimulator and cellular regenerator that effectively smoothes and improves complexion while fighting free radicals. It maintains the balance of the skin, while hyaluronic acid erases wrinkles and fine lines. Tepezcohuite has been found to be rich with zinc, copper, manganese, iron, and magnesium – all of which play a critical role in your skin. These micronutrients are thought to be the reason why Tepezcohuite is an effective treatment for scars, herpes, psoriasis, burns, acne, wrinkles, and other skin blemishes.

Studies have shown that coffee (specifically coffee oil) has similar effects on the skin as the anti-aging skincare ingredient hyaluronic acid. Coffee seed oil can increase collagen and elastin, making the skin look and feel firmer.

Coffee can also help keep the skin hydrated by reducing transepidermal water loss, (a fancy way of saying the way moisture evaporates from the skin)

INGREDIENTS: all organic>>> grass fed & grass finished tallow, jojoba, Italian roast & green coffee beans, homegrown rosehips, tepezcohuite, vitamin E, beeswax, vanilla EO & rosemary antioxidant CO2 extracted


*Bigwoods Organics products contain no preservatives or stabilizers, so if placed in a warm environment they may melt, causing separation. This is normal and does not cause any change in the product, simply mix gently and store in a cool place. Additionally, if placed in a cool environment they may be firmer. Refrigeration is recommended for a longer lasting shelf life.