Magnesium Cream - Ever Wonderful

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Magnesium Cream...

Transdermal magnesium skips your digestive system & goes straight into your bloodstream to help promote deeper, more restful sleep, eases lower back pain & prevents RLS & leg cramps. This whipped butter creates a no sting application compared with the straight oil which can be quite uncomfortable.

Like many of the other Bigwood’s products, our Ever Wonderful is a dual-purpose product. It can also double as a daily use deodorant. Low magnesium levels in the body have been associated with body odor. It is estimated that over 80% of us are deficient in the mineral. Magnesium used as a deodorant will absolutely decrease armpit odor no matter how much you sweat on the daily.

INGREDIENTS: all organic>>> Ancient Mineral’s magnesium oil, jojoba, unrefined shea butter, local beeswax & lavender


*Bigwoods Organics products contain no preservatives or stabilizers, so if placed in a warm environment they may melt, causing separation. This is normal and does not cause any change in the product, simply mix gently and store in a cool place. Additionally, if placed in a cool environment they may be firmer. Refrigeration is recommended for a longer lasting shelf life.