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Heading to Hershey Spa for the day and Mom Guilt is starting to creep. Mom Guilt is yucky. Mom guilt says we aren’t deserving, it whispers that there are better, more effective things to do.  And yet, the need to rest is so restorative… time with good friends is good for the soul. 

I work hard, differently than others but hard still, and the rest that comes from being with a good friend while being completely pampered is so necessary.

Today, I say no.  I’m not wearing that itchy shawl of guilt.  It doesn’t fit well anyway…it’s frumpy and dumpy, it’s heavy and itchy.  Where are you feeling guilty?  Don’t dwell in the why or justify its presence, just ditch it.  Kick it to the curb.  It’s no good to you or to those around you.

 Not today, guilt, not today.


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